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Quick Start for Education Leaders

Before you get started, please review the steps below.

1. Set the Stage for Effective Implementation
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Catalyze Organizational Conditions.

  2. Engage other education leaders to align on goals, norms, and commitments.

  3. Build buy-in with stakeholders by articulating how Catalyze supports and complements organizational priorities and sharing details about Catalyze and your plans for using the data.

2. Ask PERTS to Setup Your Community on the Catalyze Platform
  1. Sign up for Catalyze at

  2. Create a Community on the Catalyze platform

  3. Invite education leaders to join your Community by adding them as Community Members. Only invite leaders who you want to access reports, you’ll have an opportunity to indicate who will complete the survey in the next step.

  4. Create a Group in your Community for each organizational unit where you’d like to implement Catalyze. Note, the name of the Group will appear in the survey.

  5. For each Group, populate the Roster with each participant’s email address and set a Sign-On Rule.

  6. Schedule your surveys.

3. Engage & Survey Stakeholders

When it’s time to administer the survey (based on the schedule you set in Catalyze), you’ll get an email reminder from PERTS with your survey instructions. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Surveys in the sidebar.

  2. Click All Survey Instructions for recommendations about how to introduce the survey. The instructions also include Participation Code(s) that participants will need to access the correct survey for each Group.

  3. If possible, reserve 10 minutes of synchronous time and follow the Survey Instructions. Specifically, instruct participants to visit, enter the Group Participation Code, then their email address to complete the survey.

4. Monitor & Encourage Participation

For high-quality feedback, try to get responses from at least 80% of participants each survey cycle. The Participation tab shows who submitted surveys so that you can follow-up as needed.

  1. Click Participation in the sidebar.

  2. Click View by Participant. Select your Group and survey dates, then click View.

  3. Follow up with participants as needed to ensure they complete the survey.

5. Review Reports
  1. If participants complete the survey in a given week, your new reports will be ready by 10 am Pacific (PT) /1 pm Eastern (ET) the following Monday. Reminder: reports will only populate once at least 5 participants have completed the survey.

  2. Access and review your reports.

6. Identify & Test Promising Strategies
  1. Debrief your results with participants.

  2. Prioritize the organizational conditions you want to improve, and review the strategies that could help you improve them. 

  3. Implement new strategies to improve organizational conditions.

7. Cycles 2+
  1. Repeat steps 3–6 to see what’s working for you and your stakeholders.

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