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How to Use the Student Experience Overview

The Student Experience Overview provides a high level summary of survey results for each learning condition and key information that can help you decide where to focus your attention. It includes:

  • The number of responses recorded for at least one item in each condition

  • The most recent survey results

  • Change from the first survey to the most recent when the survey is completed more than once

  • The option to disaggregate data by gender, race/ethnicity, focal group (if selected), and basic needs security (Ascend only) 

Below are a few tips for using the Student Experience Overview.

  • Celebrate strengths and improvements. Your 1-2 highest numbers are strengths, and large improvements are highlighted in green. Celebrate them!

  • Discover what your students need more of. The 1-2 lowest numbers show what your students need more of.

  • Find opportunities to promote equity. Equity gaps are flagged when there is a difference of 10 percentage points or more between groups.

  • Dig deeper. Click on a learning condition to jump to the Detailed Results, which shows change over time by learning condition and for each survey item. Detailed Results also shows differences by subpopulation as well as access to recommendations on improving each learning condition.

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