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Can you change your terms of use?

Our team worked hard to create strict, legally binding terms of use and privacy policies that meet or exceed all FERPA requirements. The legal assurances and protections afforded by those agreements—combined with our industry standard security policies—have enabled hundreds of schools and colleges across the U.S. to use our services without the need for any additional modifications or NDAs.

Whenever possible, we ask people to use those legally binding terms rather than an additional agreement or modification. That is because additional agreements can require extensive legal and technical reviews that place a significant burden on our team and force us to reallocate scarce resources that would otherwise be directed towards improving our services. As such, we strongly encourage all schools, districts, and colleges to carefully review our agreements to ensure that they do not already provide sufficient coverage in light of their needs. 

We encourage you to identify the least bureaucratically complex way to use our programs. If you’re sure that you need to amend our terms of use, PERTS may be able to work with you to modify our agreement. Modified legal agreements are only available in connection with a premium plan. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to submit a support ticket.

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