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How do I administer the Ascend or Elevate survey to my students?

A. Before the Survey

Consider strategies that maximize participation:

  • Ask students to complete the survey during class time

  • Add the survey invitation to your learning management system (LMS), such as Google Classroom

  • Offer extra credit to individuals who complete the survey or to the whole class if they reach 80% completion

B. Locate Your Class Participation Code

Each Class is associated with a unique, alphanumeric participation code consisting of 3-4 characters, like A9B. Each student is identified with a unique identifier, typically their school email address. Students can complete the survey by entering both at

Follow the steps below to find your Class participation code (when it’s time to survey students, you’ll also get an email from PERTS with your code):

  1. Sign in

  2. Click Surveys inside the Community you plan to work with 

  3. For individual Class instructions, click Class Survey Instructions on the Class card

  4. For instructions for all your Classes, click Survey Instructions at the top, right of the page

C. Engage & Survey Students (Sample Email / LMS Template)

You can use the template below to invite students to complete the survey. Feel free to adapt it to your voice, but keep in mind these recommendations to maximize participation and honesty in responses.

Dear Student, 

I’m inviting you to complete a short, confidential survey because I need your feedback. My goal is to improve our learning environment and make this class a better place for you to learn. Your honest feedback is very important to me because I can’t improve without it, and I won’t see your name in connection to your answers. I’ll ask for feedback multiple times so that I can keep track of what’s working for you, and what isn’t. 

To start the 5-minute, confidential survey, click the link next to your Class and follow the prompts.

If you have trouble with the link, go to and enter your participation code manually.


Participation Code

Diaz, Math, P1

[Add Your Link]

Diaz, Math, P2

[Add Your Link]

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