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What are participants asked on the survey?

The article below describes the content of the surveys. How Can I Preview the Survey? provides instructions to preview a custom survey.

Learning / Organizational Conditions

The primary focus of Ascend, Catalyze and Elevate surveys is to understand how individuals are experiencing their environment, specifically, the extent to which they are experiencing critical learning/organizational conditions.

The documents linked below describe the conditions measured by each program, as well as the specific questions that participants are asked:

Fidelity Questions

Each time a participant takes a survey, they are asked a communication fidelity question to ensure the purpose of the survey has been communicated clearly. Catalyze participants are also asked if they feel comfortable answering the questions honestly. Survey questions are included below:  

  • Ascend: “My instructor will try to use my answers to this survey to make class better for me.”

  • Catalyze:

    • “Leaders at [class name] will use my answers to this survey to make things better for me and my students.”

    • “I feel comfortable answering these questions honestly.”

  • Elevate: “My teacher will try to use my answers to this survey to make class better for me.”

Demographic Questions

The first time participants complete the survey, they are asked a few demographic questions that enable us to disaggregate data in different ways (e.g., to show whether girls/women or boys/men experience their environment differently).

Research Questions

From time to time, PERTS will add questions to the survey in order to collect research data. The answers to these questions will not typically appear in reports.

Surveys do not currently contain research questions.

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